Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fixing Iphone 3g 3.0 os slow down

Have you suffered from a slowdown of your iphone 3g after updating it to the 3.0 os? I did! After digging on the internet I have found the solution and will share this with you.


This process will bring back the speed to your Iphone!

Data and all apps will remain!(photo, contact, music, video, app, game save, notes, calendar, data saved in app) will be safe.

But it will reset some iphone setting like passcode, home button shortcut(if you set it to do something different on double tap. I had it set to camera), it will re ask you once to allow to access location when using the camera(for geotag) as if it was the first time again. Your alarm will be wipe clean tho. So if you have alarm clock for like waking up you’ll have to set that up once more. It does keep calendar but double check you have the event written somewhere else then the iphone(I tested it only once). It will ask you to connect to wi-fi when it finds one( like the first time you have a iphone) to turn that off go to settings wi-fi and disable the ask to connect and might have to re enter password for previously used wi-fi.

Aside from that, The iphone run's back up to speed. The voicemessage part that made me panic the first time around. But It got resolve in no time when I entered my passcode. Just wait a few minute to press on that keypad for voicemessage it will prompt you to enter your passcode.

First, go to Setting->General->(scoll down)Reset.




Then press on Reset All Setting.

reset all settings

Enter a pass code if you have one.

A message will appear. warning the reset of settings and No data or media will be deleted.

Press on reset all settings.

A progress bar will appear. Wait for it to finish doing its thing. After that. Restart your iphone. It will be faster afterward.

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disclaimer: we shall not be liable if anything happen to an iphone while using this technique. Use at your own risk.